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Our Positions

We Need An Integrated Approach to Manage Financial Distress and Mental Health

Financial distress and mental health are related – so why are the ways we structure assistance to those affected still in silos?

Menjamin Masa Depan Belia Tanpa Ijazah

Lebih daripada 70% golongan belia tidak memiliki diploma atau ijazah sarjana muda. Kami bertanya sama ada golongan bukan graduan dapat memanfaatkan latihan kemahiran yang tersedia.

Safer Spaces: Integrating Mental Well-being Features Into the Urban Built Environment

Rethinking how public housing and public spaces are designed and how urban communities can benefit.

What Is The Plan For Public Transportation In A COVID-19 World?

While the MY30 public transportation pass is commendable, we ask what are the policy commitments for getting public transportation back on track in the new normal.

Is Youth Socioeconomic Mobility Further Away Than Ever?

Concern over graduates’ prospects today is understandable. But over 70% of youth do not have diplomas or degrees. We ask whether non-degree holders face an even worse outlook.


In-depth Explorations

Is Your Area A Transit Oasis Or A Transit Desert?

Where are people transit-deprived and where are they transit-rich? Using Shah Alam as a case study, we show the distribution of transit deserts and transit oases there, with an extra layer of property prices.

Kesan PKP terhadap Kewangan, Pekerjaan dan Kesejahteraan Mental

Bagaimana anjakan dalam pekerjaan dan pendapatan sepanjang tempoh PKP memberi kesan terhadap kesejahteraan mental di Malaysia? Kami meninjau keadaan kewangan rakyat Malaysia di kala krisis kesihatan awam.

PKP dan Kesejahteraan Mental: Rumahku Syurgaku?

Apakah keadaan kesejahteraan mental di Malaysia semasa PKP? Kami mengkaji dan lihat bagaimana ia berkait dengan keadaan kediaman.

How the MCO Affected Income, Jobs, and Mental Well-Being

How have the shifts in employment and income during the MCO affected mental well-being in Malaysia? A look into the financial situation of Malaysians in a time of public health crisis.

Nobody Spared: Covid-19, MCO and Mental-Wellbeing

The Covid-19 pandemic and the Movement Control Order (MCO) are affecting the mental and emotional health of people living in Malaysia