Social Protection

Ensuring a decent minimum standard of living


Factual Overviews

Healthcare Costs in Malaysia

The costs of accessing private and public healthcare services when you fall sick.

Panduan kepada Perlindungan Sosial di Malaysia

Gambaran umum tentang perlindungan sosial bagi setiap rakyat Malaysia.


Our Positions

Lessons from a Pandemic: Social Protection for a New Normal

In a new world of acute outbreaks and economic disruption, Malaysia needs a pandemic-proof social safety net.

Ensuring Social Protection Coverage for Malaysia’s Gig Workers

Informal workers lack social protection but how can we ensure participation in the various schemes? We argue why voluntary plans do not work and propose an alternative approach.

National Health Insurance

Will implementing a national health insurance scheme help us provide a more secure social safety net for all Malaysians?

The Social Safety Net: What Should We Expect?

Do we have a clear idea of what the social safety net should provide?


In-depth Explorations

Pekerjaan Gig: Faedah Sepenuh Masa untuk Kerja Sepenuh Masa?

Apakah tahap perlindungan sosial yang pekerja ‘gig’ mahukan – terutamanya mereka yang bekerja ‘gig’ seolah-olah sepenuh masa? Kami mencungkil persoalan ini menerusi kaji selidik ulung kami tentang pekerja ‘gig’.

Pekerjaan Gig: Kerja Sampingan atau Kerja Tetap?

Istilah ‘gig work’ atau pekerjaan gig semakin biasa didengari di kalangan rakyat Malaysia. Kajian ini mendalami peranan pekerjaan gig kepada para pekerjanya dan isu-isu yang berkaitan.

Gig Work: Full-Time Benefits for Full-Time Work?

What level of social protection do gig workers want, particularly those working full-time hours or more? We ask this question and more in our study of gig workers.

Gig Work: Side Hustle or Main Job?

How significant is the role of gig work to those working in the gig economy? We ask this question and more in this research piece.