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Goods and services for public well-being


Factual Overviews

Pandemic Preparedness: Is a plan enough?

The recent COVID-19 pandemic shook the world and raised questions on our global preparedness against a pandemic.


Our Positions

What Is The Plan For Public Transportation In A COVID-19 World?

While the MY30 public transportation pass is commendable, we ask what are the policy commitments for getting public transportation back on track in the new normal.

Comment: National Transport Policy 2019-2030

Good high-level messages but lacking in necessary specifics.

Set Public Transportation Data Free

Make real-time public transport information public, free and useable.


In-depth Explorations

Kesan PKP terhadap Kewangan, Pekerjaan dan Kesejahteraan Mental

Bagaimana anjakan dalam pekerjaan dan pendapatan sepanjang tempoh PKP memberi kesan terhadap kesejahteraan mental di Malaysia? Kami meninjau keadaan kewangan rakyat Malaysia di kala krisis kesihatan awam.

PKP dan Kesejahteraan Mental: Rumahku Syurgaku?

Apakah keadaan kesejahteraan mental di Malaysia semasa PKP? Kami mengkaji dan lihat bagaimana ia berkait dengan keadaan kediaman.

How the MCO Affected Income, Jobs, and Mental Well-Being

How have the shifts in employment and income during the MCO affected mental well-being in Malaysia? A look into the financial situation of Malaysians in a time of public health crisis.

Nobody Spared: Covid-19, MCO and Mental-Wellbeing

The Covid-19 pandemic and the Movement Control Order (MCO) are affecting the mental and emotional health of people living in Malaysia

MCO and Mental Well-Being: Home Sweet Home?

What is the state of mental well-being in Malaysia during the MCO? We look at this and how it relates to living conditions.

Getting Around: Towards a Decent Daily Commute

Adoption of public transport is still relatively low in Klang Valley and other metro areas. What are the key issues we face in commuting by public transport? We summarise the main problems, propose some solutions and suggest some minimum standards.